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The aim  for Eliza Lamb  has been to  create  well crafted and considered items of everyday clothing.


Our styles  are  designed  to be  timeless  with  no plan to  change  from  season  to season, but with the occasional addition. Our core choice of fabrics will  be  available all  year  round. Although some fabrics we use are produced as a  limited  run  and will not be replaced.

All  garments are fully lined  and  made  in  100% natural  fabrics,  that  are  both  aesthetically pleasing and gentle on the environment .


Linen  is  our  main  choice  of  fabric,  for  its beautiful  drape  and  absorption of  dyes, which give  endless  possibilities  for colour.  All linings are made up in cupro.

Garments are never rushed and care is put into each piece, keeping to mind traditional techniques in construction and design. This reduces the impact of waste by only making to order, avoiding any unwanted products .


The designs to choose from can be made up from our selection of fabrics and an option of two sleeve lengths. Giving you the opportunity to piece together your own style .


Please get in touch with any queries over sizing or fabrics. We have samples of fabric that can be sent out if required.




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